Real Aluminum Dash Trim Kits come in a variety of styles including vinyl  trim, carbon fiber trim, real metal trim, oxford trim.. These kits are made with 3M adhesive on the back for easy installation, and are cut using CNC laser cutting technology for superior quality and perfect fit.

If you prefer the look and feel of driving a high-end sports car, check look for premium metal and carbon fiber dash kits. These race-inspired finishes give your vehicle's interior the look and feel of speed, whether you are barreling down the road or parked in your driveway. Besides the standard metallic gray hue of the carbon fiber trim and billet trim, these kits come in a huge array of colors to match or accent your vehicles color paint job.


The best thing about these dash trim kits are they are 100% Real Brushed Alum Dash Trim so the look is second to none, your interior will be transformed to the look of a high end sports car, brushed metal trim will look better than stock.

MimoUSA has been making real aluminum kits for many years and the process has been perfected. Perfect fit and Satisfaction are guaranteed with every kit purchased.

  • CNC Laser Cut
  • Real Brushed or OEM Satin Trim
  • Custom Made to Order

Brushed dash trim kits give your car's interior a look that is at once modern and distinguished. Those seeking a regal, old-world interior often opt for wood dashes. Others, looking for a space-age, modern interior feel, might choose carbon fiber dashes. Brushed metal dash kits project a combination, call it old-school.

Dash kits are a modern alternative to the popular wood dash kit. While some like the old-school look and feel of wood paneling in their cars, others prefer to make their cars sleek and modern metal dash kits do just that.

Auto dash kits are an inexpensive and easy way to personalize your car. Though paint jobs, rims, and other accessories transform the exterior of many people's cars, oftentimes people stop there. They're still driving around staring at a dull factory dash. You may ask, Why not transform the interior as well as the exterior. That's where dash kits come in.