Honda Accord Custom Interior Dash Trim Kit
Honda Accord Custom Interior Dash Trim Kit
From: $36.95

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A Wood grain dash trim kit is manufactured to enhance the interior of your car from unimpressive & dull to luxurious. With little money and simple do-it-yourself installation, a wood grain dash trim kit can take an interior that looks like something found in any rent-a-car on the road and turn it into something like a top-of-the-line driving machine. You may be driving a Taurus, but at least the dash can look like the dash in a Rolls.

Styles & Finishes Include:

  * Lavish Burlwood Grain

  * Dark Burlwood Grain

  * Mahogany Grain

  * Marble Grain

  * American Rosewood

  * and more.....

Dash kits are not something you have to have an expert to install. You already have the tools you need which are simply your own hands. All you do is warm up your car to a glue-friendly 72° Fahrenheit, or just about room temp, clean your dash thoroughly, removing any trace of dirt, dust, grime, or cleanser residue, preferably with alcohol swabs usually provided with the kit and you're ready to go.

The secret weapon when installing any grain dash kits is a hair dryer. If you find a component being the least bit stubborn, turn on the hot air. Soon, you'll find that the piece yields to your touch. It can be gently kneaded to the shape of the dash. Since grain kits are custom built to fit different makes and models year-to-year, in all likelihood a hair dryer won't be necessary.

The Grain Kits come manufactured to custom fit the dashboard of your car or truck. Deciding upon the right color and style can be key. You're not covering every inch of your interior, just certain pieces of the dash usually shown in the template . You want to be sure that your new dashboard components will work well with remaining parts of your dash.